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TeachGuitar.com has many years of running a successful private guitar tutoring business. The articles listed below are designed to pass on this vital information to you to help you build your business quickly and profitably...

Effective advertising
How to write adverts that get the response you want [read more]

How to market guitar lessons
Your students are already out there waiting to hear from you! [read more]

How to build a client base
Why do my teaching hours always stay roughly the same? How good guitar teachers get more students. [read more]

How to Increase your Income from GuitarTeaching

You've taken the plunge, you've got a few lessons under your belt and some of your students are coming back for more - now's the time to get down to business so you can kiss goodbye to that day job! This book will help you do it!
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Coming Soon

TeachGuitar.com are working on articles on starting up a business, practical advice on organisation, ideas and suggestions for sales and marketing your business and key tips on basic issues including payment and accounting.

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