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Summary: Advice for New Tutors - start teaching now!

Taking the plunge

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If you are considering taking up teaching guitar for a living then my best advice is to START NOW!

I can safely give you that advice because the very fact that you are seriously considering doing it suggests to me that you meet the following three basic requirements:

To my mind these are:

1.You can play guitar reasonably well
2.You can communicate with confidence
3.You can demonstrate patience

Now with those qualifications alone you may not yet be ready to succeed as a $50/Hour tutor, but that doesn't mean you should delay starting to teach.

The truth is that nothing is going to make you a better teacher quicker than actually doing it!

If you are not yet ready to charge people then start teaching for free.

If you feel a bit shaky on your music theory and advanced technique advertise beginners lessons at a cut price rate.

But whatever level you are comfortable at, start teaching this week.

You will find plenty of help and advice on this site and if you have any particular concerns that aren't addressed, then you are welcome to email me on nick@teachguitar.com.

TAKE THE PLUNGE! - You're an artist, a musician ... what are you doing working for a living?!!

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