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Summary: Are you a good enough guitarist to teach - don't try to impress your students by your guitar playing, impress them by their guitar playing

How to impress your students

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If you are relatively new to guitar tutoring you may fall into the trap of thinking that it's somehow important to show your students just how good you are at playing the guitar.


When students come to us having already tried lessons with other local guitar tutors, I always make a point of enquiring tactfully about their reasons for discontinuing lessons with their previous tutor.

Number 1 on the list of reasons for giving up on a particular tutor goes something like this:

..."He was obviously a really good player, but I got tired of him showing me what he could do on the instrument when all I wanted was to learn to play it myself. .."

New tutors understandably feel a little insecure about their lack of tutoring experience and so make the mistake of trying to compensate by proving how well they can play guitar.

The truth is that you don't actually need a huge amount of teaching experience to impress your students as long as you can focus your efforts.

And the trick is to focus your efforts on impressing your student with their ability to play.

Specifically: Make a point of ensuring that the student can do one or two things on the guitar at the end of the lesson that they know they couldn't do at the beginning of it!

And that will impress them no end!

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