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Summary: A full listing of articles written by Nick Minnion.

Articles by Nick Minnion

Advice for new tutors

Taking the Plunge
Flexible Lesson Planning
Little and Often
The encouragement factor

Teaching Skills Series

Guitar Teaching Tips
Snippets of Guitar Music Theory

Space to Learn
The Virtuous Circles of Confidence Building
The Tutor as Learning Facilitator
The Wrong-Handed Guitar Player
How to Impress Your Students

Basics of Teaching Guitar Music Theory Series

1. From the Bottom Up
2. The Importance of the Major Scale
3. Don't believe a word your student says
4. Correct Sequence
5. Use it or Lose it
6. Don't Waste Time Explaining
7. The Importance of Repeated Use
8. Defining Musical Terms
9. Motivate before Mystifying
10. Examine, Revise, Consolidate

Theory of Learning Series

1. How Learning got a Bad Name for Itself
2. Motivation Moves Mountains
3. Contact with the Subject
4. Mental Processing
5. Assimilating
6. Relative Importance
7. Information Overwhelm
8. Information Retention
9. Making and Breaking habits

Basic Guitar Music Theory

Key Signatures
Circle of Fourths
Circle of Fifths
Double Flats
Doubles Sharps
Chord Formulas - Basic Triads
Chord Formula List
Chord List (Printable pdf file)
Chord Formulas - Extended Triads

Business Advice Series

How to Market Guitar Lessons
How to Build a Client Base


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