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Summary: Bite-sized articles cover a number of points about music theory.

Snippets of guitar music theory

These bite-sized articles cover a number of points about guitar music theory. They really represent a trail of discoveries I have had to make over the years to respond to questions asked by students. I hope they will help you answer your students' questions. If they don't then check out our guitar teachers' links page for more comprehensive help. I will also be pleased to help by email.

1. Diminished and Augmented
2. Suspended chords
3. Seventh chords
4. Why sharps and flats?
5. Simplifying the subject of chord symbols
6. Relative major and minor keys
7. Unravelling complex chords
8. Simplifying key signatures
9. Understanding intervals
10. Interval inversions
11. Critical intervals
12. Seventh intervals
13. Seventh chord substitution
14. Major chord types
15. Dominant chord types
16. More about chord families
17. Chord families and modes
18. The II V I sequence and basic chord substitution

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