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Summary: Bite-sized chunks of wisdom that you can use to sharpen your teaching skills and increase your awareness.

Be Spontaneous!

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Of course it is important to plan lessons well and to keep to some sort of structure during the lesson. This is a manifestation of Professionalism. However, there are times when thinking on your feet and being truly inventive is also a good idea.

This ability can turn you from being not merely a Professional, but a Master! Spontaneously creating a completely new approach to solving a particular problem your student is having can sometimes produce a major turning point, particularly for students with problems that are somewhat off the beaten track.

Here are two rules you might find useful in this situation:

  1. Don't try a new idea just for the sake of trying it. Try to solve the problem using tried and tested approaches first.
  2. Make sure that any new approach firmly adheres to basic principals of good teaching practice - these are outlined in the articles available free on this site.

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