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Summary: Bite-sized chunks of wisdom that you can use to sharpen your teaching skills and increase your awareness.

Always specify what to practice

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Some guitar players are highly motivated, have loads of musical initiative. They will pick up their guitar several times a day and try out new things on it that keep pushing back the limits of what they can do.....

.... But these guys aren't usually the kind to come and ask for lessons!

It's a sorry truth that most of the people who come to you for lessons are going to need every encouragement from you to do any practice at all.

Just telling them to 'keep practicing' is definitely not enough.

Tell them exactly what to practice - Write it down in detail

Have them demonstrate to you their understanding of it - Tell them you will check them out on it next lesson - Ideally, make a recording of how it should sound for them to take home with them ....... Then there's a good possibility they'll get on with it and the next lesson they can move onwards and upwards rather than just repeating what you did the week before.

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