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Summary: Bite-sized chunks of wisdom that you can use to sharpen your teaching skills and increase your awareness.

There's no such thing as too easy

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When starting a student on a new exercise or new song to learn, always stop and think about how to present it to your student in a way that they can learn it quickly, easily and enjoyably.

This means MAKE IT EASY to learn!

Suppose you want them to play a riff-based blues. Don't try and teach the whole thing at once. First get them to locate the underlying chords and just strum their way through the piece. Next, once they're doing this confidently, play the riff over the top of their strumming so that they can hear how it fits. Then get them to learn the riff thoroughly, but just over the first chord of the sequence. Beginning unaccompanied until they can play it fluently, then with you strumming along. You can then get them playing the riff over the sequence - again let them do it unaccompanied until its up to speed, then play along with them to keep them in strict time.

Even an advanced guitarist will enjoy learning this way. The point is that if the student picks each step up immediately you can move straight along to the next bit.

Being thorough is always more important than being fast

You can learn more about the philosophy behind this tip from the following article:
The Virtuous Circles of Confidence building.

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