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Finger Separation Exercise

Description: Little finger work - printer friendly instructions for guitar playing finger separation exercise.

1. Align 1st finger to 9th fret.

2. Allocate one finger per fret so that the 2nd finger takes care of the 10th fret, the 3rd finger the 11th fret and the 4th finger the 12th fret.

3. On the 6th string play notes using the following fingering pattern:

1234 1243
1324 1342
1423 1432

4. Move up to 5th string and repeat using the same pattern.

5. Continue across the strings 4th, 3rd 2nd and 1st.

6. Move down a couple of frets and repeat steps 2 - 5.

7. Continue working in this way down the fretboard a couple of frets at a time until you have reached the open position.

8. If pain or cramp sets in stop and relax your hand and start the exercise again a few minutes later.