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Summary: Contents list of the e-book packed with teaching ideas and guidance for new and experienced private guitar teachers.

Fifty Flexible Lesson Plans for Teaching Guitar

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This ebook is packed with teaching ideas and guidance about what to teach when. It assumes no prior knowledge of music theory and covers all levels of guitar playing from total beginner to advanced.

Be the best teacher you can be!

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"I think you have done a 1st class job on this book you have obviously put a lot of thought and effort into producing it and I am sure it will prove an invaluable aid to my teaching efforts, and to other teachers out there.

...Even though I have been playing for 38 years and teaching for about 3 years there is so much I need to learn and your website is an inspiration to me. I have been relying on method books, and your approach is an eye opener to me.

I like the way you set up objectives to be achieved and then step by step methods to go about realising those objectives, I am sure that this a method that I can also incoporate into teaching classical guitar as well as rock/blues/jazz and improvisation.

I would like you to also know that I am learning many new things from these lessons that will improve my playing/teaching skills, thanks for producing this book it's a treasure trove of guitar knowledge and teaching ideas, and I look forward to your next book."

D.J. Lancs. UK

"I've played guitar for about 26 years now. Over the years of playing in Jazz and Rock bands I've always toyed with the idea of teaching guitar, since I'm a huge fan of learning myself. I love to read guitar articles, and I'm continually grabbing new licks and lesson articles from a variety of sources on the WEB.

When I was approached about teaching I felt a little lost, since I'd never taught anyone from scratch before. Where do I start with all of the material that I've collected over the years? Will I teach too fast or too slow to hold the attention of a new student?

All of these questions ran through my head. Then, I found your site on the WEB and purchased your E-book with the guitar lesson plans.

These are providing me with a fantastic guide to work from. I'm also throwing my own stuff in there as well, but your lesson ideas very useful in helping me to develop my teaching chops... Thanks so much! You have a fantastic site."

J.P. Arizona, USA

"I also wanted to write and tell you what an awesome job you did putting the 2 ebooks together.

I have bought newsletters before in the mail, they charge you 15 bucks for about 12 pages of stuff you already know. how awesome is this for 34$ you get a years worth of lesson plans and a bunch of troubleshooting ideas to help you in almost any concerns your students might have.

There is a lot I still need to learn so not only will your lessons help my students but also myself.

I printed the whole 2 ebooks out i am presently reading through lesson 12. this is exciting.

Please feel free to use this letter and my name to let people know that this is for real this is a complete course for learning how to teach in an easy systematic way students of all ages will understand.

The price is definately honest and fair. and on top of that you have the free newsletter and an email for direct questions. once again thank you and god bless".

R.M. Ohio, USA

"I just purchased both downloads of the teaching guide and the 50 Lesson Plans. This is splendid! I'm glad I took the time to look for some ideas online to get up and running as I was indeed pleasantly surprised."

D.B. New York, USA

"Just wanted to let you know that I'm very pleased with both of your ebooks. I've been searching for a second career (I'm soon to retire from the US Army), and I've often thought about teaching guitar, but wasn't really sure how to go about or if I could make a living doing it. Your two ebooks were just what I needed to point me in the right direction. I now feel very enthusiastic about starting a teaching practice. You've provided excellent advice and helped me see some mistakes I made the last time I tried to teach guitar."

C.B. Virginia USA


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