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Summary: The Table of Contents of this e-book guide to developing your private guitar tutoring into a successful business.

How to Increase Your Income from Guitar Teaching

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An ebook guide to developing your private guitar tutoring into a successful business.

Author: Nick Minnion

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Section 1 - Resource combination theory

Personal resources

- Your time and attention
- Your basic abilities
- Your specialist skills, knowledge and awareness

Interpersonal resources

- Your personal support group
- Your working contacts
- Your client base

Physical resources

Resource combination theory defined (free sample chapter)

Section 2 - All about you

Developing your number one business resource

How you feel

- Virtuous circle of motivation
- Vicious circle of discouragement
- Overcoming discouragement

The art of prioritizing

- Two-step rule of prioritization
- The completion backwards principal

Decision making

- Two-step rule of decision making
- Two golden rules of Action

How you perceive

- Half empty or half full?
- Learning to trust the way the universe works
- Knowing where you really are
- The baby and the bathwater


- Two-step rule of action
- Communicative action, fear and paralysis
- Narrowing your focus

Section 3 - Your organization

Product-centered organization

Naming the product

Completion backwards principal applied to a continuum

Your general organizing plan

Section 4 - Tasks and tips by department

Dept. 1: Planning

- Goal setting
- Performance review
- Planning
- Balancing
- Organizing systems
- Setting and maintaining boundaries
- Consistency

Dept. 2: Promoting

- Self image
- Surroundings
- Communication outflow
- Positive problems
- Assuming the customers' viewpoint
- The importance of monitoring

Dept. 3: Selling

- Fielding telephone enquiries
- Avoiding extreme attitudes
- Confidence
- Closing
- The first lesson as sales action

Dept. 4: Scheduling

- Time limits
- Weekly schedule review

Dept. 5: Production

- Lesson preparation
- Focus

Dept. 6: Quality control

- Caring
- Support
- Checking results
- Responsibility
- Product improvement
- Tutor enhancement

Dept. 7: Accounts

- Statistics
- Client list maintenance


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