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Summary: What guitarists have said about how this ebook has helped them make a living teaching guitar

How to Make a Living Teaching Guitar

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A step-by-step ebook guide that will help you to establish yourself as a Private Guitar Tutor in a way that is professional, enjoyable and profitable.

Author: Nick Minnion

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How to Make a Living Teaching Guitar

Ebook (2009 Edition. Revised and updated)

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"Hey Nick I just purchased your e book and i think its great. I hope to start up my business in a few months time..."

D. L. West Ewell, UK.


"I have read your book several times on guitar instruction, marketing, etc. Good information."

J.M. Santa Rosa, NM. USA.


"You got an awesome product! I ordered your e-book a little more than a month ago, and feel that you have one of the best books out there. I have really found it useful..."

T.B. Marshfield WI. USA.


"...Excellent book. Actually I've taught some in the past and I'm about to start teaching again. I've already read half of your book and learned a great deal. With your help I can already see that I'll be much more successful this time around. Thanks again for the insight."

L.V. Pasadena TX. USA.


"After thinking about teaching guitar for ages I happened upon your site and after downloading your e-book decided to give it a go. I have just finished my first lesson... They have re-booked for next week...I found the e-book useful.."

M.M. Walsall, UK


"I am teacher here in Santa Barbara Ca. I just bought your E-book and wanted to say thumbs up! I sincerely appreciate your points of view, life views and your personal energies in regards to teaching. They are in close alignment with my own. I have recently committed myself to improve the quality of my teaching and your book was the perfect fuel. I have a copy kept in my teaching schedule as a sort of reminder / companion. Thank you for making your experiences available and for sharing your insights. It is much appreciated!"

R.G. Santa Barbara, CA. USA.


"Great book... First of all, your book and articles have been very helpfull in my getting started as a guitar teacher. I bought it a few days ago and it got me going nicely..."



"Business is starting to boom! After a couple months of nothing happening im starting to get students. In my first stage I only wanted to get about ten so I could keep my day job and use the guitar money to get rid of student debts. So now i have seven regular students and im getting around 3 calls a week of which 1 so far has turned into a regular client. So thanks very much for writing your ebook and all the advice you and your web-site has passed on. I owe you a pint!"

G.G. London, UK


"Subject: One Year Later After Reading your book.

I wanted to mention that our Music Company Celebrated it's First Anniversary in September. I Just wanted to let you know how your book has influenced my decisions in building this company.

To begin with: When I started this Music company, I started with good working capital, solid technical skills in I.T., Musicianship, and solid Business Administration Skills (including logisitcs, and scheduling). I put these 4 personal assets together and I am now actually making good living in the Music Business 1 year later.

The company is generating enough revenue to pay business expenses along with paying me a decent enough wage to pay my personal bills. Even more, my wife should be joining me in December (we will be in a position for her to quit her day job).

Our Music Service is In-home based Music instruction.

I have 12 contract instructors assigned to different areas here locally. We also have 2 band directors (these guys teach 7-8 band instruments). Each instructor teaches in what we call a "Student Pod". We have students (many in the same household) that live close to each other and the instructor makes a route to each household and teaches the instrument.

Of course, we all (the instructors) benefit and it is worth everybody's while! We have over 100 students enrolled, 12 instructors covering a combined total of 20 instruments among them.

Here is what your book did for me!

1) Before I read your Book, my thoughts about how to make a living in Music (teaching) were clouded.

2) Your book helped my Focus; it brought all of my thoughts together so that I could make some solid decisions.

3) Your book gave me courage and confidence.

4) Your book gave a structured approach to the elements of making a living at Guitar (and Music in general).

5) Your book outlined very necessary, and very serious considerations regarding Marketing, and Business Administration.

6) The Principles in your book had Universal Application; I expanded the principles to a higher plane to accomodate my current business venture.

7) Your book, and your willing personal availability was always available. I knew that I would have somewhere to turn if I needed help!

8) Between my personal Guitar / BASS Students and income from the instructors, I am actually making a living at this!

9) My 11 other instructors are making a good part-time living at teaching their instruments too!

I just wanted to keep you posted, and you can post anything from this e-mail to your website as you see fit!"

R.C. Atlanta, Georgia - USA.


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