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Summary: Instructions for webmaster wanting to exchange links with teachguitar.com

Swap Links

If you would like to swap links with our site please select a banner below and copy it into your site images folder for use on your site:

Square banner (160x160 pixcels - 7.24kb gif):

Could you teach guitar?.

Long banner (468x60 pixcels - 7.28 gif):

Could you Teach Guitar?

Please link the banner to: http://www.teachguitar.com/index.htm

If your links list only contains text links then please use wording similar to this:

Could YOU make a living TEACHING GUITAR? Find out at Teachguitar.com!

Please email nick@teachguitar.com with details of how we should link to your site.

Please note that we only link to sites we consider relevant to our visitors!

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