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Music Skills

Guitar music skills - Learning music theory for your own musical development and musicianship to enable you to give better lessons when teaching guitar.

Key Signatures

Using circles of fourths and fifths to determine key signatures.
[Key Signatures] [Circle of Fourths] [Circle of Fifths] [Double Flats] [Double Sharps]

Chord Formulas

How to work out triad formulas from the major scale and four-note chords along with commonly used chords, their names, formulas (spellings) and symbols.
[Chord Formulas - Basic Triads] [Chord Formulas - Extended Triads] [Chord List]

Snippets of Guitar Music Theory

These bite-sized articles cover a number of points about music theory. They really represent a trail of discoveries I have had to make over the years to respond to questions asked by students.
[Snippets List] [First Snippet]

Guitarist's Dictionary

What does it mean? Musical terms defined for Guitar Teachers.
[Search Dictionary] [Browse Glossary]

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