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Summary: Being a Better Teacher - Get your student to demonstrate their understanding, using knowledge helps increase confidence

Don't believe a word your student says!

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You've just spent 15 minutes explaining to your student the basis of the chromatic scale:

"So E has no sharp(#) and F has no flat(b); B no sharp(#) and C no flat(b)"

You conclude with a smile.

"Have you got that?"


They smile back. Hoping that you can get on to something interesting, loud and heavy now.

Don't believe them!

My Golden Rule Number 3 says:

Never take your student's word for it when they say they've understood something!

Get them to prove it. This is best done by getting them to think with the newly-learned information:

Okay!" You say. "That's the end of the explanation. Now let's put this information to use. Play me the note B on the 6th string. - Good, now work out the name of the note at the 6th fret on the 5th string ...." etc.

As they put the information to use several things happen.

  • You discover what they have understood and what they haven't.
  • They process the information mentally and this fixes it in memory.
  • They gain confidence as the subject de-mystifies.
  • They discover that theory is actually useful and relevant!

So never, never, never just explain a point and accept your students word that they have understood it. Always get them to demonstrate their understanding by actual application.

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