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How to Accompany your Students

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How best to accompany your students when they are playing guitar in your lessons? Here are some important considerations:

  1. Playing a different type of guitar to them helps you hear their playing more distinctly over yours. So if they are playing electric guitar try playing acoustic. If they are playing acoustic try playing bass guitar.
  2. Beginners need stronger accompaniment to support their playing, but you should thin out your accompaniment as they grow in confidence.
  3. More experienced students should be encouraged to take 'Rhythmic Responsibility' for the songs you are playing. So play in a way that allows them to support you.
  4. Soloing over your students playing is a good idea on occasions, but beware of falling into this as a habit and making your student feel as if they're just there to provide you with a rhythm section for your own lead guitar practice!
  5. Singing along is always helpful to students and you should do this even if you're not a particularly good singer as long as you're in tune most of the time!

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