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Summary: Bite-sized chunks of wisdom that you can use to sharpen your teaching skills and increase your awareness.

Allow your student time to warm up

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Your student bursts into their lesson full of enthusiasm:

I've cracked it!" They exclaim

"I can finally play that difficult chord sequence we've been working on for the last 6 weeks! - I can't wait to play it to you"

But a good teacher will make them wait - at least until they have warmed up.

You see, the chances are that they finally 'cracked it' after 3 hours of solid playing the night before. Its almost certain that if you let them attempt the same piece cold they will be very disappointed to discover that their new-found ability has mysteriously vanished over night.

There are two factors involved here:

  1. It is always more difficult to play well in front of your teacher than on your own.
  2. It is always harder to play something when you pick up the guitar for the first time after a break than it is after 10 minutes of playing it.

So the wise teacher says:
"Okay! I'm looking forward to hearing you play that, but lets just warm up with something easier"

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