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Summary: Online utilities for guitarists and guitar teachers



not evil

Download great tunes and have that warm feeling that comes from knowing their creators are being fairly rewarded. Wide range of genres. High quality sound recordings. Strongly recommended.

Click here to download free karaoke songs
Download free karaoke songs!

Strings N' Rythms - Your Ultimate Guitar Resources!
Strings N' Rythms - Your Ultimate Guitar Resources! Resources for guitar tabs, lyrics, lessons, softwares downloads such as Guitar Pro etc.


A site that will allow you to download free of charge a useful bit of software for reading, writing and playing guitar tablature.

Virtual Guitar & Chordbook

An innovative Flash 5 enabled virtual guitar website. You can strum, make chords, pop on a capo, change the fret position or choose from 1,000 chords and save sets of chords. Also features a guitar tuner and inversion display.


Free guitar lessons, workshops, sheetmusic and tabs for 6 and 7 strings. Chordfinder, scalefinder, metronome, tuner, recording utilities and more.


One of my favourite websites containing a large number of high quality backing tracks you or your students can play along to.


A site from which you can download a neat fretboard familiarizer program.


A neat instant chord finding machine which works both ways. Check it out and you'll see what I mean! Shopping


Brilliant, online ear-training site developed by Norwegian Knut Lamvik. Hours of fun testing your aural perception.





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