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Summary: Contents list of the e-book packed with teaching ideas and guidance for new and experienced private guitar teachers.

Fifty Flexible Lesson Plans for Teaching Guitar

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This ebook is packed with teaching ideas and guidance about what to teach when. It assumes no prior knowledge of music theory and covers all levels of guitar playing from total beginner to advanced.

Be the best teacher you can be!

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Note from the author
Rhythm chart and tablature guide

Section 1 - Basics
1. Chord strumming for the beginner (sample chapter)
2. Single note playing for the beginner
3. Blues basics
4. Left hand development
5. Strumming patterns
6. Consolidating
7. Preparation for barre chords
8. Introducing other awkward chords
9. Beginning theory
10. Specific remedies for problems with basics

Section 2 - Beginning Improvising
11. Pre-scale training
12. Starting blues scales
13. How to practice blues scales
14. Left hand technique
15. Orientation
16. Fluency
17. Phrasing
18. Creativity
19. Functionality
20. Specific remedies for problems with beginning improvising

Section 3 - Beginning Blues
21. Shuffle patterns
22. 12-bar blues patterns
23. Chord-based blues riffs and licks
24. Ninths, diminished and augmented chords in blues
25. Key-based lead guitar
26. Minor key blues
27. Blues bass lines
28. Integrating lead and rhythm
29. Basics of slide guitar
30. Specific remedies for problems with beginning blues

Section 4 - Beginning Theory
31. Names of notes
32. The CAGED system
33. Diagonal octave patterns
34. The major scale
35. Discovering key signatures
36. Principal minor scales
37. Harmonising the major scale
38. Triad construction
39. Harmonising minor scales
40. Specific remedies for problems with beginning theory

Section 5 - Beginning Jazz
41. Key-specific improvising
42. Harmonising scales to produce four-note chords
43. Four-note major and minor arpeggios
44. Basic jazz chord fingerings
45. II-V-I chord exercises
46. Modes
47. II-V-I modal exercise
48. Chord substitution basics
49. Chord based improvisation
50. Specific remedies for problems with beginning jazz

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